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Tenda router is a world fastest wireless router, with an excellent feature at a low price.

How to setup VPN on Tenda router

Things which you have to remember is

  1. Have the internet with good speed

  2. Have router of Tenda company

  3. Have a premium pure VPN account

  1. Open your browser, in address bar type the address then enter username and password and then click Login. Type the address in the address bar like https://tendacn.com/en/default.html.

  1. Click on "VPN", and choose "PPTP". Now do the following:

  1. Choose PPTP as a client type

  2. Enable MPPE encryption and check mark 40

  3. Enter your VPN address, the VPN address must be pure

  4. Enter your username and password of the pure VPN

  5. Now click "Save"

Problem-related to the Tenda W302R Router

DLL Errors

A DLL error is the most common error, you have a message pop up, informing that a DLL error occurs if you shut down your computer and reboot it, how does it affect your computer.

DLL is dynamic link library. A DLL file is a necessary component of a particular program.

Some files are shared by programs, and if the DLL file corrupted or deleted, how these programs are associated with it.

Missing DLL - It means that a call has been made by using an application for a particular DLL. A missing DLL occurs when the actual DLL does not match. It means also the path does not match to the existing path of the DLL.

Reimage and windows DLL errors

  1. Reimage will replace your missing DLL files with fresh ones which updated.

  2. Reimage will replace all file that is damaged or missed.

Problems of router hacking

Some hardware from the following vendors are being comprised:

  1. D-Link

  2. Micro Net

  3. Tenda

  4. TP-LINK

How did the attackers break in?

The first thing about the hacker is that they using a combination of known configuration issues. This is really helpful if you install all the security patches and properly configure your device, now you are all safest from the attacks.

Problems in checking device

The attacker may attack the DNS setting on the device so that all request for internet hosts run through servers they control. This permit the hijack session at their whim. So the key here if the DNS setting has been changed. The best way to log in your device by using admin name and password.

For any other issue contact at Tenda Customer Support Number.

If you have any problem related to Asus router then visit this site https://routertechsupport.org/asus-router-support-number/

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